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Fiction Week!

aseantoo submitted to medievalpoc:

Fish Eats Lion: New Singapore Speculative Fiction
ed. by Jason Erik Lundberg

Eastern Heathens: An Anthology of Subverted Asian Folklore
ed. by Amanda Lee and Ng Yi-Sheng

LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction #1

by Joyce Chng

The Promise Bird
by Zhang Yueran

I just wanted to drop a line from Singapore and say that there’s loads of speculative fiction here, being written and published in the English language here. (Not all of it is written by us - that last book, The Promise Bird, is a translation of a fantasy epic written by Zhang Yueran from China, but she set it in medieval Southeast Asia during the age of Chinese maritime exploration.)

Naturally, almost all of these books feature POC protagonists, because, um, we’re in Asia.

I’d like to say “all”, but there have sadly been Singapore authors who’ve aimed to get a more “international” readership”by writing fantasy novels starring white kids. 

Archibald and the Blue Blood Conspiracy
by Shermay Loh

The Seeds of Time
by Shamini Flint

This drives me nuts, ‘cos we’re inundated with loads of white-centric UK, American and Australian lit already. But please don’t send my friend Shamini hate mail - I really do like The Seeds of Time, and pretty much all of her other stuff (for adults and kids) is centred on Asian characters in a big way.

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The Electric Information Age Book: McLuhan/Agel/Fiore and the Experimental Paperback

A history of the context in which classics such as The Medium Is The Massage and I Seem To Be A Verb were spawned. (More over at Brain Pickings.) Recommended to me by Frank Chimero.

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Taiwan Cloudscape by Allen Wei

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