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Stanley Casselman

Stanley Casselman received a Bachelors of Art from Pitzer College, California. In his work he reveals the tranquility in the subtle change of coloured streams of light using acrylic on polyester fabric adds a textured surface to the work as the light seeps through it, capturing the viewer’s attention for the duration of the cycle and beyond. The curiosity in understanding our surrounding and purpose entrenched in the artist’s practice is evident in his strive to capture the ethereal in a lucid form. As Casselman states “The who, what, where, why and how questions began for me in my childhood. Following these notions has put me on a path embracing limitless thought and combined with the deeply cathartic nature of the creative process I’m kept questioning, humbled and ever striving to embrace the unknown through the only place I find absolute logic: pure abstraction”

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Brush Lettering Collection No. 1

Designer Neil Secretario's project is an exploration of achieving different brush script lettering styles using one writing instrument - a Copic Sketch marker.

Iviva Olenick

Embroidered Confessions


Embroidery on fabric. Borrowed text

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My House Is Your House, Deanna Staffo


Komma 13

A platform for presenting projects of students of the Design Faculty of the University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim. The Magazine is entirely organized by the students themselves and every task is exclusively managed by the editors. The constellation of the team constantly changes and therefore every edition has its own topic and identity



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